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on your mobile

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With the Voice Of Norway smartguide you can publish your attractions
as audioguides and AR

- and be visible to your visitors at all times

Convey culture, history and sights

- with smartguide

Convey sights and stories in your municipality.

When your visitor is at a point of interest, the mobile app automatically starts telling the story.

Your content is conveyed with AR, video, images, professional narration, maps and text in several languages.


On nature and cultural trails, in sculpture parks, on city walks and in search of street art

The content in the Voice Of Norway app
- is both educational and fun!

"Smartguide gives our customers a more complete travel experience!"

FRAM bus / Møre og Romsdal County Municipality


  • Professional guiding on mobile
  • Present what you want, where you want and when you want
  • Location-specific content
  • Professional narration
  • Packed with images, sound, text and maps
  • For adults and children
  • Available around the clock, in several languages
  • Automatic playback based on geofence/GPS

AR - Augmented Reality

  • Hologram of people
  • 3D objects of objects
  • How AR can be used
  • This is how AR looks on your mobile


  • Based on Multiple Choice
  • You create your own questions and answers
  • Create simple routes with quizzes
  • Add quizzes to your guide routes
  • To learn more along the way
  • Create a team building activity
  • For both adults and children

Make your content available in as many languages as you want


Most of our customers produce their own script, but we offer script writing if desired


The solution works just as well indoors as outdoors


The app can be used offline
-download the routes before the trip


Easy navigation in the map


Based on user’s location
– automatic playback


Traceless storytelling,

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Universal Design

For everyone

Does not disturb

Fits everywhere

Sustainable smart guide
-with traceless storytelling!

  • No interference with nature
  • No installations in nature
  • No pollution
  • No shipping
  • No cleanup

Benefits for everyone

With the Voice Of Norway app

Your stories
will become
a part of Norway's largest
guide platform

Who can use smart guide?

Latest news

Protects wild reindeer in Rondane with audio guide

-The large conservation areas in Rondane ensure that the interaction with nature is not disturbed, and they are an important part of the work to prevent plants and animals from becoming extinct. At the same time, these are also areas in which we humans travel, – and the knowledge of protection is not always good enough when we travel in grazing areas for wild reindeer. With audio guides and digital trails, we can encourage behavior that does not result in harm to animals and nature.

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Create quiz based on GPS location

-Both the goats and Voice Of Norway use geofence (GPS) technology with a specific purpose. For the goats, this means that they must stay in a certain area. In Voice Of Norway, quizzes appear when your guests are in certain places. Digital guiz is fun along nature and cultural trails, in museums and parks, and in connection with team building and learning at school. When needing to control groups of people and their movement patterns, and the feeling of boredom waiting in queues, this is a smart way to solve the challenge.

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Sustainability seriously – at The Fjords

– Our guests enjoy the silence, the experience and the stories along the way along our fantastically beautiful Norwegian fjords. The electric boats allow travelers to hear birds chirping and listen to the sound of gurgling water, instead of boat engines and vibrations. Guiding takes place via their own mobile and travelers choose whether they want to participate. The silence and tranquility is magical, and we have the feeling of being completely in nature, but without leaving a trace, says John Vonli, general manager at The Fjords.

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Rovdyrsenter in Østerdalen offers digital nature communication

-Nature is open all the time and when we wanted to create an offer that is always open, it was very appropriate to do it out in nature, on well-established hiking trails. There is a lot of beauty in the forest that is easy to walk past, now visitors can stop and learn more along the way, says Runhild Dammen, general manager of the predator visitor center in Stor-elvdal municipality. The visitor center uses the app Voice Of Norway both in teaching and as an offer to visitors.

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avspillinger av lydhistorier hittil (januar 2023)