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Historielag excites visitors with stories and hidden gems in the audio guide

Through the history layer we find the hidden gems in the municipality, and with an audio guide we make the stories available to everyone who visits the municipality! In addition to seeing, the travelers get to hear the history associated with the place - and all they need is their own mobile phone. They are very excited about everything they get to experience and learn in your municipality.

The history team knows the stories

The stories can be linked to ruins, caves, stone piles, buildings, tracks in nature and much more. Perhaps there has been a Viking battle at the site, or a town fire, what happened during the war? The stories can be both exciting, cheerful and sad. But most of all they are good – and the history teams willingly share their stories with us.

Presenting the past in a digital guide

With audio guiding, visitors get an extended experience when they visit the municipality.

Here, the pleasant narration draws the listener into the drama of the past, pictures supplement what they see and a digital map shows the way.

The story starts automatically when they are on the spot and they get the sound straight to their ear when it suits the listener.

Hear the dramatic story!

  • How many bombs did the Germans drop on Molde?
  • How long did they bomb the city?

Advantage for tourists

At the same time that travelers want to experience new places, they also need to feel safe in terms of the spread of infection. With guiding on their own mobile, visitors are not dependent on everything being open and serviced, they can be self-directed and plan their own journeys. Of course, they also choose the time of their journey themselves, so that they can avoid large gatherings of people.

Is your municipality in the app Voice Of Norway?

  • Now you can collect all the good stories in the municipality – in the app that can be used throughout Norway.
  • The history team/municipality owns the routes themselves, edits and adds new information in a simple way.
  • The app is free to download. Some routes pay visitors to view, while others are free for anyone to use.
  • The app can be used from a car/train/bus/tram, whether you are walking, cycling or on a boat.

Proposal for a theme from the History team

The stories can range from dramatic war stories to phenomena in nature, for both adults and children.

Cultural monuments, natural monuments, excavations, petroglyphs, bauta, Viking battles, Viking graves, churches, mines, war memorials, historical events, museum, business, urban history, stories related to people, historical figures, ruins, historic buildings, bridges, rural culture and much more.

The audio guide can be a supplement to signage.

Smøla created routes in the app in collaboration with the Historielaget

– The good experiences are right outside the door out here, says Lena Knutsen, business consultant Smøla Business and Culture Center KF.

  • The Edøy ship
  • Festung Edøy
  • Veiholmen
  • Viking graves
  • Copper mines
  • Marsh Museum
  • Kayaking, fishing, close to eagles, sleeping outside, great for bikers.

The main picture: The Kulisteinen can be found in Smøla.
Photo: Lena Knutsen.
Read the whole case here

The guide routes in the Voice Of Norway app
- a collaborative project with the whole of Norway

The Voice Of Norway app is used throughout Norway. This is how it becomes a joint service for all municipalities: to make it easy for travelers to have good experiences in Norway – designed by yourselves.

Ta kontakt med oss for å få vite mer om hvordan du kan legge til rette for denne typen formidling i din region eller område!

Team Voice Of Norway
Telefon: 94096772

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