The coastal pilgrimage route – an experience all year round

– With the Voice Of Norway smart guide, the Coastal Pilgrims Path will be available all year round. The guide, who is on his own mobile phone, tells the story of the place the walker is at, and the information is available around the clock, says Laila Skaret, general manager at the Gurisenteret in Smøla, which is the northernmost of the 4 pilgrimage centers along the Coastal Pilgrims’ Trail.

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Family experiences in Herøy and Havlandet – teacher by hologram

– There are no opening hours or closed doors when the tourist resort Fosnavåg launches its new venture product – hologram, says Hilde Gråberg Bakke in Opplev Havlandet. The aim of the venture is to create even greater interest in attractions and experiences, in an exciting way. Young and old are most welcome to meet both people from the Viking Age, hear about secrets and go on a treasure hunt, says Hilde and mentions that the hologram experiences are free.

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Hologram of peace prize winners in your own living room

– Peace prize winners Dmitry Muratov and Maria Ressa’s messages are important. Right now, they are working under very difficult conditions in their home countries with, among other things, a ban on leaving the country and strict censorship. Thus, it is interesting to explore new ways of sharing their message. With a hologram, everyone in the whole world can be visited by the peace prize winners in their own living room, and hear their own story, told by them themselves, says Kim Reksten Grønneberg, Nobel Peace Center, who recently launched the holograms in the Voice Of Norway app.

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Sustainable dissemination of cultural heritage

In Norway, we have committed ourselves to follow UNESCO’s Convention on the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, and it is the Cultural Council that is responsible for implementing this UNESCO Convention. We have looked at the possibilities for sustainable dissemination and protection of both intangible and tangible cultural heritage.

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Hologram – revolutionizes the experience of stories and cultural heritage

– Hologram is a hundred times better than going to a museum, says Aksel Torset! Engaged, he turns his mobile around and sees the 3D model of the Viking ship on Edøya. Actually, the Viking ship is in the ground below him. With the technology AR (Augmented Reality) we can revolutionize the experience of history and cultural heritage in a sustainable way!

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