AR - hologram

revolutionizes the experience of stories and cultural monuments

With the technology AR (Augmented Reality) we can present history in a new and exciting way!

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3D object as hologram (23 sec)

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People as hologram (20 sec)

100 times better
-than going to a museum!

Engaged, Aksel Torset turns and turns on his mobile and gets to see the 3D model of the Viking ship on Edøya. Actually, the Viking ship is in the ground below him.

Try playing the hologram here

  • Use mobile (not PC): Press the link and you will be taken straight to a hologram
  • You will be told to download the app Voice Of Norway, if you do not have it
  • You come straight to the experience “Ka does docks here?”
  • download
  • Follow the instructions on the page

This is how AR works

AR for all industries

  • AR (Augmented reality), also called “extended reality” and “auka røynd”, can be easily explained by adding digital effects to what you see through a mobile camera.
  • The effects are hologram and 3D objects.
  • The technology can be used in training and communication in many industries.


Holograms of people are made in a studio with a special camera.

An example is Vikings (actors in Viking clothing) who tell about the Viking battle that took place on the spot many years ago. The holograms are placed where the historical events took place.

Take a look behind the scenes during AR recording at Smøla .

It is only the imagination that sets the limits, but we can mention that:

  • Human holograms can both replace and supplement real people
  • With holograms, communication feels more personal
  • Holograms can promote art forms such as acting and theatre
3D objects

The AR experience can be made extra exciting with 3D objects and photogrammetry. Finds of historical artefacts, for example, can be made available and studied in detail.

At Smøla you can study the Edøy ship in detail, both on the outside and inside.

Graphic representation of what one thinks the Edøyskipet may have looked like: NIKU

How to get started

We assist throughout the entire process

  • Find out what you want to convey through AR
  • Order a license package from Voice Of Norway
  • We give you useful tips in the process
  • Recording is mainly done in our studio
  • We edit and prepare the recordings/holograms
  • The holograms are entered into the Voice Of Norway app, and you can offer the experience to your guests and visitors


Holocap is responsible for recording and arranging holograms of people and objects in the Voice Of Norway app.

Shuuto develops and produces scripted stories. They are responsible for the direction during the recording of the hologram in the studio.

Who can use Voice Of Norway?

Your stories
told with hologram


The benefits of being part of a joint dissemination solution for Norwegian culture and tourism are many.
Register for the webinar to learn more about the smart guide Voice Of Norway, which contains an audio guide and quiz, in addition to hologram/AR.

The benefits
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