For Partners - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a POI?

A POI (point of interest) is an information point. Examples could be a statue, a memorial stone, a building, a landmark, a place, a hotel, etc.

What is a Route?

A route is a collection of POIs. When a route is downloaded, all the POIs in the route are downloaded to the mobile phone.

How do I create a POI?

POIs are created by you or us in the publishing tool Publisher, by uploading text, images, sound files, links, and placing the POI on the map.

How do I create POIs in multiple languages?

In the publishing tool, you can easily press the language button and add new tabs for new languages. Text, audio and links belonging to the selected language are added here.

Playback of a POI

In the publishing tool, you define an activation circle around each POI. The size of the radius of the circle is optional. For example, a statue will have a relatively small radius (e.g. 10 metres), while a lake will have a radius that covers the roads along the lake (e.g. 2500 metres). The content entered in the publishing tool is reflected in the Voice Of Norway app, which the end user relates to. As the end user moves within the circle of each attraction on the in-app map, the POI is played automatically.

What is Remote play?

A POI can be set with Remote play on or off. When Remote play is switched on, it is not necessary for the user to be physically at the location of the POI in order to play it.

With Remote play turned off, the POI will not be played until the user moves within the archiving circle.

What are Public and Private POIs

A POI that is public will be visible on the map in the Voice Of Norway app for all users. You can find the map at the bottom right by pressing Auto. A POI that is public does not need to be in a route to be played.

When a POI is private it will not appear on the map in Auto mode. Private POIs only become visible after you have downloaded the route(s) in which the POI is located.

What does Active/Inactive mean?

A POI that is Active will be available for playback.

You can make a POI Inactive at any time. Then it will become “invisible” in the app.

Routes can also be Active or Inactive. A route that is Inactive will not appear in the app.

If the POIs in the Inactive route are set to be Active and Public, then they will appear in the map under Auto.

What is Active from - Active to?

Both POIs and routes can be specified to be Active between two dates, if desired. This function is useful if there is time-limited information to be communicated, for example in connection with festivals or other events.

Access to the publishing tool

It is entirely possible for the customer to gain access to the publishing tool. You will have full freedom to create POIs and downloadable guide routes, make adjustments, add/remove information, etc. The Voice Of Norway team is available and happy to help you in the process.

In some cases, our customers want Voice Of Norway to organize guide routes.

Scripts and content production?

It is up to you, as a customer, what you want to convey. We recommend that each object, attraction, point of interest and place be described with approx. 150 words. You write scripts in Norwegian, and can support you at Voice Of Norway’s Writing School and Example of good POIs. As a customer, you get free access to these resources. When the script is complete, it is sent to Voice Of Norway for quality assurance. Once the quality assurance and any suggested adjustments have been made, the script can be submitted for translation into different languages.

Translation and narration?

We recommend that your audio guide be made available in English, in addition to Norwegian. This opens up a much larger audience for you as a content provider. Which languages different municipalities and tourism operators want differs from region to region.

You are welcome to do the translations yourself, or use a third party. Voice Of Norway offers translation services in 12 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese) at normal market prices.

Is the Voice Of Norway app free to download?

The Voice Of Norway app is free to download and can be found on the App Store and Google Play. The content (the audio guides and POIs) is also free to download and stream. As a customer and content provider, you have the opportunity to set a code on your guide route. It is up to you how you want to communicate codes to your guests and visitors.

What is Auto mode?

Auto mode allows the user of the app to stream POIs, without having to download an entire route. POIs set as Public will be available in Auto mode. By pressing the “Auto” button at the bottom right of the app, you are taken into the map – and are then in Auto mode.

What are Categories?

Each POI can have one or more predefined categories associated with it. The eight categories are: Activity, Art, culture & history, Nature & Geography, Construction, industry & infrastructure, Hotel & Accommodation, Food & Drink, Information and For children.

An old historic hotel can, for example, have the following categories: Hotel & Accommodation, Food & Drink, Art, culture & history.

In the app, the user can filter the categories and tailor the guide experience depending on what information is desired.

What are Types?

A guide route can be so many things. It can be a guide tailored to a train route, a specific bus trip, a city guide, or perhaps a boat trip along the coast. To make it easy for the user of the app to navigate and find the downloadable guides, we have placed each guide into one of the following “Types”:

Cityguides, Norwegian Scenic Routes, For Kids, Roadtrip, By Train, Walk & Parks and By Boat.


To become a Voice Of Norway customer, you must first order a subscription. A subscription runs for two years, and is renewed annually after that. After you have become a customer with an active subscription, you will get access to publishing tools and aids for POI and Route Production.

We offer the following subscriptions: ENTRY (up to 10 POIs), BASIC (up to 100 POIs), PREMIUM (up to 200 POIs), and ENTERPRISE (unlimited number of POIs).

It is entirely possible to upgrade your subscription. Example: You have the BASIC subscription which gives you the opportunity to create up to 100 POIs. You already have 80 POIs from before, and will now produce 50 new POIs. You upgrade to the PREMIUM subscription, which opens up the possibility to produce up to 200 POIs.

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