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Hologram – revolutionizes the experience of stories and cultural heritage

- Hologram is a hundred times better than going to a museum, says Aksel Torset! Engaged, he turns his mobile around and sees the 3D model of the Viking ship on Edøya. Actually, the Viking ship is in the ground below him. With the technology AR (Augmented Reality) we can revolutionize the experience of history and cultural heritage in a sustainable way!

How AR (Hologram) works

AR (Augmented Reality) or “extended reality” (“auka røynd” in Norwegian), can be easily explained by adding digital effects to the reality you see through a mobile camera.

The digital effect can be holograms of people, or 3D models of Viking ships, old tools and more. You get the feeling that that person or object is right where you are, like in “Pokemon Go”.

How Holograms are made

  1. Holograms of people are made in a studio with a special camera.
  2. The films are adapted to AR format
  3. The content is entered and played in the Voice Of Norway app

What can AR be used for?

Here, only the imagination sets the limits, but we can mention that:

  • Human holograms can both replace and supplement real people
  • With holograms, communication can feel more personal
  • For example, holograms can promote art forms such as acting and theatre
  • The technology can be used in training in many industries

"An app developed in Norway will revolutionize the experience of history and cultural heritage"

Photo: Marius André Jenssen Stenberg / NRK

- It is a hundred times better than going to a museum, says Aksel Torset.

-Two years ago, the Viking ship was found on Edøya and it is still buried here. Much is probably gone, but with AR technology everyone can see the ship – as it once was.

Try playing the hologram here

  • Use mobile (not PC): Click on the link and you will go straight to a hologram
  • You will be told to download the Voice Of Norway app if you do not have it
  • You come straight to the experience “Ka does docks here?”
  • download
  • Follow the instructions on the page

Have replaced pokemons with holograms of actors at Smøla

– It’s tough, 10 concludes. class leader John Peder Kruse after the first test.

Advantages of AR?

  • Conveys history in an exciting way
  • See and explore cultural objects
  • Immortal historical figures
  • Sustainable communication without interfering with nature
  • Custom universal design
  • On a device everyone has – the mobile phone

Collaborators – Holocap and Shuuto

Holocap is responsible for recording and arranging holograms of people and objects in the Voice Of Norway app. Shuuto is in charge of the direction.

This is how you get started

Fill in your needs in the price overview and we will contact you.

Sustainable dissemination

  • Contagious friendly
  • No interference with nature
  • No littering
  • Universal Design

The guide routes in the Voice Of Norway app
- a collaborative project with the whole of Norway

The Voice Of Norway app is used throughout Norway. Here’s how it becomes a joint service for everyone: to make the stories visible in their place – designed by yourselves.

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