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Behind the scenes during AR recording

-I walk into the room, then I hear it, the desperate voice, the way she breathes, the woman's immersion in the play. Then comes the howl! What happens during the recording of AR is part of what you get to experience in the Voice Of Norway audio guide.

The technologies meet at Smøla

The wind is calm out here in the sea gap and Smøla and Veiholmen show themselves in all their glory! The new tourists manage to enjoy both the coastal landscape, the town and the sunset, and there are whispers that it would have been nice to go on holiday here.

The companies HoloCap , Shuuto , Voice Of Norway , Smøla business and culture center KF , and local and professional actors from the Gurisentret , have worked for 3 days with AR recording .

Reviving Vikings with AR technology

From left: Peder Børresen (HoloCap), sound man Geir Sakshaug and Philip Stevju Meidell (HoloCap) at the computer

When you come to Smøla, the Vikings themselves will tell their story. It is possible through AR technology, Augmented reality, or extended reality as it is also called. The meeting takes place on your own mobile and the Vikings are a hologram in the surroundings you are standing in.

And this is exactly what they are filming at Smøla now.

The hairs on the back of your neck stand up

A viking stands in the room and it is completely silent. The people are deeply concentrated and the room is lit up by spring green backdrops, cameras, microphones and lights. Suddenly, people burst into laughter and the applause is through the roof.

The actors consist of both professionals and amateurs, but what they all have in common is that the arrangement is professional. The stories, the atmosphere, the clothes, swords and jewelry drag us into the past, and we feel it in every fiber of our body.

The director's chair

Arne Berggren from Shuuto is the director, but is currently in Nordland. So here they are creative! Breggren is present via the PC screen and is placed on a chair or carried into group conversations. It works incredibly well, says assistant director Magnhild Rovik, who both tests costumes and confers with the rest of the team.

Conjures up Vikings

Challenges exist to be solved, and right now a rifle is smeared with shoe black, so that it will “be part of the film”.

The community center at Smøla has been converted into a studio. Peder and Philip in HoloCap have hung up green walls and floors to be able to place the people on a transparent background. It is filmed and tested and in each take a Viking emerges as soon as the costume is on.

The howl goes through marrow and bones

– That howl broke the speakers, says sound man Geir Sakshaug cheerfully, and it was meant as a compliment. It is tested further with weaker howls, but perhaps the first howl was the very best?

- It is a hundred times better than going to a museum, says Aksel Torset.

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Photo with the little extra

– Lean forward a little, and towards the sword, chin down, says Heidi Gøperød . She is the photographer on the set and is concerned with details, such as the structure of the fabric on the dress, to bring out the character they are playing and not least – the expression of a real rough Viking. The lady is small, but the lens is big and she has full confidence, so now it’s just a matter of enjoying new photos of rugged Vikings with razor-sharp eyes – in the marketing of Smøla and Gurisenteret.

Mobile guide where the Vikings tell the story

From left: Peder Børresen (HoloCap), project manager from Smøla Business and Culture Center KF Heidi Rognskog Mella and Bjørnar Sørberg (Experio/Voice Of Norway)

– We look forward to presenting AR in the Voice Of Norway audio guide, says Bjørnar Sørberg from Experio, which offers this platform.

– AR will provide user experience of a completely new dimension, literally, he concludes.

The following day we received personal guidance from Heidi and we learned more about both Edøystjerna and Kystpilegrimsleia. Smøla is a fantastic place for recording!

HoloCap and Experio enter into a partnership to provide better user experiences in the Voice Of Norway mobile guide

Try playing the hologram here

  • Use mobile (not PC): Click on the link and you will go straight to a hologram
  • You will be told to download the Voice Of Norway app if you do not have it
  • You come straight to “Ka doing docks here?”
  • download
  • Follow the instructions on the page

Advantage of using the mobile phone as a guide

  • Personal guidance when you want it yourself
  • Learn more about the places along the route
  • Finding hidden gems
  • Can listen to the same story several times, and pause the story
  • Supplementary pictures of what you cannot see from the bus
  • Get ideas for more trips along the way
  • Does not disturb others
  • Contagious friendly
  • You can choose Norwegian or English language
  • You can use the same audio guide elsewhere in Norway

Become part of Norway’s largest audio guide platform

The guide routes in the Voice Of Norway app
- a collaborative project with the whole of Norway

The Voice Of Norway app is used throughout Norway. Here’s how it becomes a joint service for everyone: to make the stories visible in their place – designed by yourselves.

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