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Lofoten’s natural pearl Skrova – is expanding its offer to its visitors

Skrova - just 30 minutes by ferry from Svolvær in Lofoten. The place where people and fish meet art and culture. An island where you can lower your shoulders, forget stress and picture-taking. Here, everything is within walking distance and you get to experience the presence of nature out here in the sea gap. With your own guide on your mobile phone, you can now also walk around the island and take in cultural history along the way.

Stay another night at Skrova

– It is so beautiful here, begins Anniken Enger, who is a tourism developer and runs Aniara AS. – Beautiful beaches, great hiking mountains, good food and intimate accommodation. Yes, and it is particularly easy to get here, she beams, adding that Skrova is nice to visit all year round, and has special experiences such as both the midnight sun and the northern lights.

Visit Skrova

Skrova offers a cultural-historical walk

– Now we have also created a cultural-historical walk here on the island, says Anniken. The stories in the app take you back in time. Imagine a bustling life with fishing boats, young people who had summer jobs and parties at the Youth Centre. Strong stories about people who managed against all odds.

  • Learn about Skrova today
  • 12 stories
  • The trip takes approx. 1 hour
  • Good trip!

Professional narration

-I sat and listened to a lovely narrator’s voice in the audiobook “The house with the blind glass veranda”, by Herbjørg Wassmo, and it seemed that the narrator’s voice lifted the book to an unforgettable experience. It turned out that reader Marit Adeleide Andreassen was from Svolvær, and we were very happy when she agreed to read the stories here at Skrova, says Anniken.

We have now listened through the Cultural History Walk in Skrova in the "Voice of Norway" app, and are hugely impressed. We warmly recommend it to all hull friends and hull guests, and give a BIG round of applause to the initiators and other contributors!

Use your own mobile as a guide

Everything you need is in the Voice of Norway app!

  • The app is free to download.
  • The map shows the way to the places (GPS)
  • The audio stories start automatically now that you are in the right place
  • The stories have a professional narration in Norwegian and English
  • Pictures supplement what you see
  • Available all year round and around the clock

Remember to bring earplugs or similar so that you get a good listening experience

It is easy to find. The map in the app shows all the points and where you are.

So pro! We are glad the QR code was not separated!

-First of all, we had intended to make QR code signs, but we saw that it could easily become visually polluting with 35 signs in the area here. In addition, we had to resort to excavating terrain and carry out maintenance of the signs. The guide app solved one of our challenges by offering GPS-based storytelling, which is trackless in the terrain. In addition, we think the app represents the future, explains Anniken. We think the solution provides a good experience and we don’t have to operate and develop a platform.

Take the tours today

The Voice Of Norway app is free to download and available for all types of smartphones. You can download the tours in a Wi-Fi zone before you leave, so you don’t have to use mobile data.

Remember to bring earplugs.

A 30-year-old idea became reality

Monica Viegas, Ivar Killi and Anniken Enger.

– There has been talk of having a historical walk in Skrova for many years. When Sparebank 1 announced that we could apply for funding for projects that helped tourists “stay another day”, we established a project group to finally be able to realize our idea.

In the group were Monica Viegas who runs Fotobrygga, Ivar Killi who runs Skrova Rorbuer, is a fisherman and does tourism and I tell Anniken.

– There were over 200 applicants and we were among the 90 who were accepted.

We started the job by collecting the stories, interviewing and finding photos. We also contacted journalist May Berg in this work.

Bad Lofoten fishing gave me the itch to write

– The Skreien didn’t come to Lofoten this year, so Ivar went to Finnmark, and sat in his boat and wrote the stories for the route, laughs Anniken, who is very satisfied with the result and the commitment.

The launch of the audio guide went at record speed

-From the first contact with Experio, which has the app Voice Of Norway, to the launch, 1 month passed. Along the way, we were closely monitored to ensure the quality of the content. We did the recording in Norwegian in a sound studio in Oslo. We have received help with translation and reading in English, as well as access to professional marketing material. There has been excellent follow-up at all stages, concludes Anniken, who sees great potential in many people using the same guide system, so that it will be easier for the tourists. Look forward, because more stories will be added later.

Welcome to Skrova



Island bike

Rent an island bike and pay with the app.

Contagious friendly

  • You use your own mobile as a guide
  • Easy to keep distance from others
  • Visit the place when there are few people there
  • Professional guide when it suits you

The guide routes in the Voice Of Norway app
- a collaborative project with the whole of Norway

The Voice Of Norway app is used throughout Norway. Here’s how it becomes a joint service for everyone: to make the stories visible in their place – designed by yourselves.

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