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Has your region made arrangements for visitors in the summer of 2021? Check out the benefits of including all sights throughout Norway in the same audio guide - in an infection-friendly way!

Incredible experiences in Norway!

The summer of 2020 was the year when Norwegians discovered Norway as a tourist destination. We went to the most beautiful and coolest places, took the very best photos, shared our experiences and advised others about the trip.

Is your region ready?

The summer of 2021 will probably be another summer in which Norwegians sail away from their own country. Where are we going to find all these great tips that someone told us about last year?

This is how travelers find the local gems

Voice Of Norway – all of Norway’s audio guide – now collects all attractions in Norway. This makes it easy for visitors to find sights and hear the unique stories, traveling throughout Norway.

“1000s of audio stories from all over Norway”

Audio guide at the museum

Let your visitors enjoy the museum, wander around at their own pace, and listen to the wonderful stories about the people, the places and the houses.

Solution for audio guiding both inside and outside.

Audio guide in the zoo

Close to the animals but safe at the same time. This magic is enhanced when your visitors can look deep into the animals’ eyes, feel their smell and at the same time hear their story – straight to the ear.

Audio guide on nature trail

The nature trail can offer more than exercise and beautiful views. Now walkers can hear about what they see in the distance, for example hear about the shipwreck and the gold treasure that lies in the sea beyond.

Find sights in the city with an audio guide

Tell the story of the magnificent buildings in the city. Who was the architect, why was it built, what is it used for today?

City tour with audio guide

City walking can be so much and you can talk about so much:

  • Walking route for street art
  • Archectonic migration
  • War history

Historical experiences with audio guide

Bauta, Viking graves, excavations, tracks in nature. Now you can let everyone hear and learn more about what they see when they are out hiking.

Bus, train and tram - audio guide

Visitors and locals can learn more about the place they are traveling past. Maybe bring a bike and stop and explore more another time?

Digital fun for children

In addition to children’s stories, we also have other digital fun.

In the hunt for ghosts and goblins, the children become good at reading and using maps.

The letter bus in the trail makes the trip a little more exciting and together with parents they find the solution word which they can submit, in the hope of winning a prize.

Audio guide in the sculpture park

The wonderful sculptures, what do they mean, what do they tell? Attach a picture of the work process and the artist, it can supplement what the visitor otherwise sees and hears.

Guiding at your own pace.

Start and stop the story as you see fit.

Photo: Ramme Gaard ved Hvitsten.

Audio guide in and near churches

Tell about construction techniques, decorations, symbols, excavations and much more exciting things that can be found both in the village gardens and in the churches.

Enhance the experience by adding music, poetry, theater.

Image: The app shows the Nore and Uvdal rural areas. Heddal stave church in the background.

This is how the audio guide works

With an audio guide on your mobile, visitors and locals can easily find sights and other hidden gems nearby.

The map shows where they are and where all sights are located.

When they arrive at the sight, the story of this particular place is automatically told. The narrator’s voice is professional and they can choose which language they want the story in.

In addition, they get to see supplementary images that enhance the experience.

Contagious friendly

  • With a guide on your own mobile phone, you don’t have to share equipment
  • You can choose a time when there are not so many people out
  • You can avoid large gatherings of people

It's that easy to get started

  • Plan what you want to show and tell about
  • Write the stories about the places, we help you get started
  • Find good pictures
  • Add text and images to the publishing tool
  • We put on the narration, in as many languages as desired
  • Your stories will be available in the Voice Of Norway app

That's how easy it is for tourists and locals
- to have good experiences and experience more

  • They see all the sights near where they are
  • Easy to plan what they want to experience
  • The history of the place comes straight to their ears, in their chosen language, when they are there
  • Everyone gets the same professional guidance at any time
  • Pictures supplement what they already see
  • The map shows the way
  • Access to 1,000s of stories from all over Norway
  • The same audio guide on a journey throughout Norway
  • Contagious friendly
  • The app is free to download

The guide routes in the Voice Of Norway app
- a collaborative project with the whole of Norway

The Voice Of Norway app is used throughout Norway. This is how it becomes a joint service for all regions: to make it easy for travelers to have good experiences in Norway – designed by yourselves.

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