On overgrown paths with Ingvar Ambjørnsen

- Rabagasten, who became the new voice of the outsiders in the 1980s, one of Norway's greatest storytellers, indeed a rock star in Norwegian literature and not least Larvik's honorary citizen. We are talking about Ingvar Ambjørnsen, who we are now promoting in the audio guide genre, says Kjeld-Willy Hansen.
Unique podcast journey
- with Ingvar Ambjørnsen

-Now you can wander around Larvik’s authentic scenery and listen to Ingvar Ambjørnsen tell about the places that have been important to him and his writing here in Larvik. The content consists partly of a dialogue between Kjeld-Willy Hansen and Ingvar Ambjørnsen, and partly of a monologue by Ingvar himself. It is all supplemented with pictures.

Audio guide:
“On overgrown paths in Larvik with Ingvar Ambjørnsen”

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There is every reason to make Ambjørnsen's work visible in an audio guide, which is available to everyone.

The advantages of Ambjørnsen in an audio guide

  • You can join a lyrical tour around Larvik’s streets, hear poems, poetry and conversations with Ambjørnsen, in areas that influenced his writing.
  • Schools, both secondary and upper secondary schools, can use the content as part of their teaching, to learn about Ambjørnsen.
  • Information about Ingvar Ambjørnsen is visible and taken care of in a guide solution that is used throughout Norway, as well as our own guide app.
  • The content is suitable for both young and old.
  • Information about Ambjørnsen is easily available, around the clock, on a smartphone, which most people have.

Ingvar Ambjørnsen - a literary professor

–Ambjørnsen is a diverse writer and the works he has done will stand for a long time. The works must not be dismissed as populist and something that was lost. With his earlier bajas books, juicy and lush language and now more mature and with a very good language, Ambjørnsen has become a literary professor. He is one of the greatest storytellers in Norway, and so popular that Akademia stays away. Ambjørnsen has lived as a freelance writer and received many awards. Not many people are more clear about this, and it is important to remember it, explains Kjeld-Willy Hansen.

A little about Ambjørnsen:

  • The book “Elling” has been translated into many languages
  • Wrote the best literature on anxiety and depression
  • The books and films about “Pelle and the Professional” got a whole generation of young people talking, and to start reading
  • Has gone from a long-haired weed smoker, with a background as a scout, bird watcher to becoming a naturally lyrical person
  • We can mention genres such as short story, nonfiction book, novel, poetry collection, column in VG.
  • Stands up for others who are having a hard time and allows themselves to be interviewed for free: Bokbad, Zappafestival

Honorary citizen of Larvik

– If you read about Lillevika in Ambjørnsen’s books, yes, he tells about Larvik. Even though he moved when he was 17-18 years old, there are many stories from his time here. The municipality did little to promote Ambjørnsen’s writing, believes Hansen, and goes on to say that Ambjørnsen is now one of 5 honorary citizens in Larvik and stands in the company of Arne Nordheim, Carl Nesjar, Antonio Bibalo and Thor Heyerdahl. Everyone has been given nice murals in the cityscape. While the others have also had busts placed around the city, the Festsalen/Festiviteten was named “Elling cafe” after Ambjørnsen, when it was renovated, concludes Hansen, who is looking forward to launching the audio guide route in Larvik.

Makes Norway's largest visible

Kjeld-Willy Hansen makes visible one of Norway’s largest and most varied writings in a new landscape.

-“I know him well through the ages”, says Hansen, who is in dialogue with Ambjørnsen and author of the texts in the audio guide.

Book bath: Kjeld-Willy Hansen interviews Ingvar Ambjørnsen

A little about: Kjeld-Willy Hansen
  • Teacher at upper secondary school
  • Journalist for 15 years
  • Written “Östlandsposten’s history”
  • Member of the band: Stable side hire, creates lyrics and music.
  • Gives a lecture: local history
  • The book bath
  • Kulturhuns and book/LP collector

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