Midsundtrappene oddgeir visnes VoiceOfNorway quiz

Midsundtrappene – take a quiz along the way

Climb Norway's longest continuous staircase and solve letter puzzles along the way! Find the solution word and take part in the draw for great prizes from local sponsors! You can find the rebus in the Voice Of Norway app!

Win a prize

Rebus as motivation for progress, and it may be needed on this particular trip. At the top you can enjoy the absolutely fantastic view, and together with friends and family try to find the solution to the puzzle. The letters will automatically appear on the screen when you move within the red circle that surrounds each pin on the in-app map.

You submit the answer via the app, and you will be entered into a prize draw from the month’s sponsor.

Alphabet bus on your own phone!

  • Go on a trip, never sad!
  • Bring your family and friends!
  • Dress well, and bring food and drink!

We wish you good luck!

The letter bus is closed during the winter months!

– opens again in spring 2022!

Previous awards

– Midsund Gjestestove has been completely renovated and we are looking forward to offering unadulterated luxury and short-term happiness throughout the autumn, says Ann Jeanette Bjørk, who is the owner and general manager. In September, Gjestestova sponsors the prize in Voice Of Norway’s digital rebus up the Midsund stairs to Rørsethornet.

You are in the draw for:

  • 3-course dinner for 2 people
  • and accommodation with breakfast for 2 people

More to experience at Midsund:
-After a good night’s sleep, you are ready for new adventures on Midsund. Experience our beautiful coastal paths or take a trip to the caves Bjørneremshelleren and Franskehelleren. You can also go fishing on Snaufjellet, by the fjord or from a fishing boat if you want. If you want to explore the island on an electric bike or via kayak, you can also rent it here, says Ann in a voice that bursts with energy and joy.

The winner in September was Linn Chatrin Skjerset! We congratulate you so much!!

Award in November

Prize for November will be announced soon.

In the meantime, Via encourages everyone to get out and join the alphabet puzzle up to Rørsethornet!

The winner in September was Linn Chatrin Skjerset! We congratulate you so much on the great prize from Midsund Gjestestove!

New National Tourist Trail?

– The season is long out in the sea gap, the Midsund steps are available for great trips throughout the autumn. We hope that this will become a National Tourist Trail in Norway – well organized and with a magical view over the entire Romsdal coast, says Hilde Bergebakken in Molde Næringsforum – Masterplan Reiseliv 2030.
“Great growth in the number of visitors to the Midsund stairs Rørsethorn this summer with 21,000 who have walked up Norway’s longest continuous staircase to Rørsethorn, and as many as 50,000 in total distributed over all 4 Midsund stairs,” she concludes with satisfaction.

Photo – main image: Oddgeir Visnes / Tibe

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