Protects wild reindeer in Rondane with audio guide

-The large conservation areas in Rondane ensure that the interaction with nature is not disturbed, and they are an important part of the work to prevent plants and animals from becoming extinct. At the same time, these are also areas in which we humans travel, - and the knowledge of protection is not always good enough when we travel in grazing areas for wild reindeer. With audio guides and digital trails, we can encourage behavior that does not result in harm to animals and nature.
Traceless marking
- of paths in protected areas
in Rondane National Park

– Rondane is an area with vulnerable nature, but also an area with significant visitor numbers. The fact that people use nature is positive, but at the same time we must remind them of their vulnerability.

-Through the Voice Of Norway audio guide, we give well-intentioned advice on what behavior is best when encountering wild reindeer in Rondane, and how visitors can travel without leaving footprints as much as possible, says Tore Larsson, caretaker in Rondane.

Digital trail marking.

People are greedily interested

-People are greedily interested and want to be sustainable. We also see that they are very motivated to follow the advice we give. By offering this app, they get the advice where they are, and can thus remember a little better, says Larsson.

– The app has a digital map that guides those traveling in the area to where it is best to go. Each area they come to has information and advice on what to see and what to watch out for. We are proud that Ivar Nergaard, one of Norway’s best voices, has read the stories, smiles Larsson.

Audioguide Rondane villrein

Audio guide in Rondane

Photo: Anders Mossing/Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre

In Rondane, wild reindeer live in the mountains,
as the last place in Europe

The reindeer lives on a marginal energy balance

– The busiest period is the summer. Then the wild reindeer move to grazing areas near people in order to find important food. There is a shortage of food on the plains and since they lose weight during the winter, it is important that they are allowed to build up again in the summer. During this period, the reindeer also calve and they need peace to establish mother-child relationships, and in addition, milk production is dependent on the quality of the grazing areas.

– When the wild reindeer have such a marginal energy balance, we best take care of this by following the marked paths and runs and doing as little damage as possible where we go. Disturbance of wild reindeer occurs long before it flees. It all starts with them clumping together and by then they have already used up a lot of energy. An escape requires a lot of energy, he explains.

-Many people want to see the reindeer when they are close, and you will actually have a better experience when you see the reindeer from a distance than if you see it fleeing, then you only see it from behind, he smiles.

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre

Encourages sustainable behaviour

-In our job we learn that the number of users of nature has increased in recent years. We also see that we are recruiting different types of visitors now than before. By providing access to an audio guide on the trip, we want everyone to have a great experience in the mountains, while at the same time encouraging behavior that does not result in harm to animals and nature.

Tore Larsen

Tore Larsson

TIPS on the trip

  • Search for information before the trip, via websites and to download the Voice Of Norway app
  • Watch the wind direction
  • Lie down so that the reindeer cannot see you and lie still until they have passed

Audio guide about wild reindeer

Download the guide route “Wild reindeer and hiking trails in Grimsdalen”

The Voice Of Norway app is free to download and available for all types of smartphones.

Norway's protected areas

Norway's most important forms of protection are national parks, landscape conservation, nature reserves and marine conservation areas.

Visitors use their own mobile phones
-as a guide

The Voice of Norway app contains everything your visitors need!

  • The local stories with a wonderful narration
  • Your photos complement what they see
  • The map in the app shows the way to the places (GPS)
  • The audio stories start automatically when the walker is in the right place
  • Available all year round and around the clock
  • Remember to download in the WIFI zone before you go on the mountain
  • Bring earplugs/earmuffs

- mediation solution

The guide routes in the Voice Of Norway app
- a collaborative project with the whole of Norway

The Voice Of Norway app is used throughout Norway. Here’s how it becomes a joint service for everyone: to make the stories visible in their place – designed by yourselves.

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