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The coastal pilgrimage route – an experience all year round

- With the Voice Of Norway smart guide, the Coastal Pilgrims Path will be available all year round. The guide, who is on his own mobile phone, tells the story of the place the walker is at, and the information is available around the clock, says Laila Skaret, general manager at the Gurisenteret in Smøla, which is the northernmost of the 4 pilgrimage centers along the Coastal Pilgrims' Trail.

Main photo: Bente Sellevoll

Audio guide at 10 key locations along the Kystpilgrimsleden

-Now those who want to travel along the Kystpilgrimsleden get a new unique offer! We can say that the Voice Of Norway audio guide has been launched in Norwegian and English, at 10 key locations along the Coastal Pilgrims Trail and on the Valldalsleden. The guide is an app that is free to download and the content is available around the clock. This way we can offer a better offer to walkers who come to visit, smiles Laila Skaret.

Coastal Pilgrimage Trail

Available at the convenience of the walker

-Most pilgrims as well as other travelers want contact and a story about the place they are at. Previously, we were dependent on opening hours and that the areas were staffed. We want the coastal pilgrimage to be available all year round and with the offer of an audio guide we are opening up for an expansion of the experience, with information about the place and the history, says Laila. Furthermore, she explains that the guide’s content has real and pleasant narration voices that are activated when the walker is in the right place. Inside the solution, there are also pictures that show what it looks like inside a building, how it looked in the old days and of the people it tells about. The walkers can also be surprised with music, poems, and holograms of people.

All this is easily available on the hiker’s own smartphone.

Audio guide
-a supplement to personal guides

The smart guide is available around the clock along the route from Avaldsnes to Trondheim. We see that the audio guide is a good supplement to our guides and a good use of resources. Our personal guides will of course still be available on selected days and times, explains Laila, and adds that they are now adapting to an audience that will decide for themselves when they want to go on trips and go on adventures.

Photo: Laila Skaret/TV2.no


The Voice Of Norway app is free to download and available for all types of smartphones. Feel free to download the route ahead of the trip, where you have WIFI.

Test it now.

Explore the Coastal Pilgrimage Trail
- with a guide on your own mobile

– For a good listening experience, we recommend earplugs with you on the tour. Then you won’t disturb others around you either, concludes Laila and wishes you a really nice walking experience along the Kystpilgrimsleden, which you get a taste of further down in the article.

The hologram “fagre Unn” with a beautiful song.

Smart guide at Herøy church

In several places on Herøy you will meet holograms of people telling about life along the coast. Elsewhere you will hear stories about monasteries, beheadings and the marble church.

Everything is available on your own mobile!

Key location Borgund

Here you will get to know the medieval town and market town of Borgund, which in the 13th century was the largest town between Bergen and Trondheim. Hear church history, about dried fish, what a change in water level meant and that excavations have yielded many finds.


Follow the map and find the stories at Giske. Learn about the chapel of Giskeætta, the crosses carved into the wall, Jacob’s art and the Agnus Dei above the portal.

Veøya medieval site

Here the walkers will hear 10 exciting stories about the medieval church, the rectory from the 18th century, and many archaeological cultural monuments.

Press start and you’re up and running.

Averøy, Kverne's key location

In the Kvernes cultural area you can stroll around and hear about the Klippen house, the coastal rainforest, the hollow road, the burial ground at Prestsetra, the village museum, the museum støa and the Kvernes stave church. The pictures in the guide also show what is inside the buildings.

Photo: From the contents of Smøla

Key location Edøya, Smøla
- makes invisible cultural treasures visible

You meet holograms that speak to you, and can explore 3D figures of historical discoveries still lying in the ground. There is a lot of excitement here!

A string of cultural-historical pearls at Dolm

In this guide you get to know Hitra’s old history around Dolm. You will hear about wealth, mystery, the vicarage garden, ruins, Dolm church and tailor’s island.

Frøya, Sula

Welcome to the white city in the sea, on one of the 4,000 islets in the area. Here you get a tour and learn about life in the old days.

Ørland - key location

At Ørland you will hear about the interior of Ørland church, archaeological stories, a Christian drama, about the pyramid at Austrått and much more. When you come to Rusasetvatnet, you will hear the story of one of Norway’s largest restored wetland areas.

The stories start when you are in the right place.

Photo: You see such a red dot on the map in your mobile phone. If you enter the circle, the story on the mobile starts automatically.

Rein's monastery and the coast's heritage

Hear the unique stories of the medieval monastery, about the bell tower, about Kystens Arv and about Rein church.

Stimulate the value creation of a cultural monument

  • Increased understanding, knowledge and visibility of cultural heritage
  • The opportunity to take back control over cultural relics that are often sent to larger institutions in e.g. larger cities
  • The owner of the cultural heritage owns the content on the digital surface
  • To contribute to a common platform for the dissemination of cultural heritage throughout Norway

- mediation solution

An app developed in Norway will revolutionize the experience of history and cultural heritage.

Contagious friendly

  • Guests do not have to borrow equipment
  • Easy to keep distance from others
  • You visit the place when there are few people there

Advantages of smart guide

In the Voice of Norway app, you can easily enter your content.

  • Your content in audio guide or as hologram/AR
  • Guests use their own mobile as a guide
  • The map shows the way to the places (GPS)
  • The audio stories start automatically when you are in the right place
  • The stories have a professional narration
  • Pictures supplement what they see
  • In many languages
  • Available all year round and around the clock
  • Tips on earplugs, to get a good listening experience

The guide routes in the Voice Of Norway app
- a collaborative project with the whole of Norway

The Voice Of Norway app is used throughout Norway. Here’s how it becomes a joint service for everyone: to make the stories visible in their place – designed by yourselves.

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