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Vy launches an audio guide on the Bergen Railway

- In order to deliver on our vision of "more and more satisfied customers", the travel experience and entertainment on board is an area of focus, says Linn Therese Blindheim, customer experience advisor, Vy tog Vest. The audio guide on Bergensbanen was launched in May 2022.

Vy offers experiences on the train journey

Photo: Aksel Jermstad

-For VY, Bergensbanen and the beautiful mountain stretch between Oslo and Bergen, it was only natural to go for an audio guide that can tell the good stories adapted to what the travelers see out of the train window, Linn Therese explains. What could be better than relaxing, enjoying a good coffee, having a nice view and having the good stories told in your ear, she smiles, and asks if I know why all the barns are red.

- The train ride over the mountain is fantastic in many ways, with a lot to experience along the way

Linn Therese Bindheim, VY

Improves the entertainment offer

Photo: Aksel Jermstad

-VY wants to showcase all that beautiful Norway and the places along the route have to offer – everything from important Norwegian history, local stories, and what you can experience at several of the great destinations along the route. The stories are suitable for adults and school-age children, says Linn Therese.

Storytelling in 8 languages

-We have many foreign tourists who we believe will appreciate hearing the stories in their own language. We therefore choose to offer the audio guide in German, Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian , as well as Norwegian.

We have unearthed the good stories

– It’s hard to choose which story I like best, there are so many great stories! As a Bergen resident, it’s great to hear all that the beautiful West Norway has to offer, but perhaps my favorite is the story of the Graveyard. To hear how they measured and calculated using triangulation, then dug out the tunnel manually and ended up with only a 4 cm deviation – it puts things into perspective and you gain quite a lot of respect for what lies behind the construction of the railway line as we knows it today, says a dedicated customer experience advisor at Vy.

Exciting stories, myths and legends

  • About ghosts at Ask “castle”
  • The murder on the Bergen Railway
  • The sea snake at Krøderen
  • The monster on the Bergen Railway
  • The world’s first glacier airport
  • The postman from Tyssen

Selected solution based on GPS point

Photo: VY

– We needed the freedom to be able to prepare tailored content for a product where you are constantly on the move, she says and explains that Experio ‘s audio guide Voice Of Norway has a good and proven solution with storytelling that is activated with, among other things, GPS points. In addition to having good solutions for language support, and supplementary content such as images.

VY chose Experio

– The collaboration between VY and Experio has worked very well, we gained early confidence that the product is solid and that the people behind it have the right specialist knowledge and experience to develop the best audio guide for us. The process has been clear and things have all gone as planned, which has given us good predictability and security, Linn Therese concludes happily.

Collaborates with business

VY collaborates with several tourism destinations along the route, so here there is certainly the possibility that the audio guide can also be used when the travelers get off the train.

This is how the audio guide works

  • With an audio guide on your mobile, you can hear stories along the entire Bergen Railway.
  • Choose from 8 languages.
  • When you get to the point of interest, the story of this particular place is automatically told in a pleasant voice.
  • You get to see supplementary images that enhance the experience.
  • The map shows where you are and where all sights are located.
  • The guide is available around the clock.

Become part of Norway’s largest audio guide platform

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