Audio guide for museums, parks and sights – check the benefits

TELL THE STORY - exactly where the visitor is now! Let them both see, listen and learn, and give them the complete experience! Simple arrangement using an audio guide on the visitor's own mobile phone.

The complete experience

With a narrator’s voice that creeps comfortably into the ear canals, the visitors hear stories about the place they are at right now.

Tell about the art of boat building, the work in the forge and about life in the old days, when the tourist goes to the museum. Show the sculpture park full of rarities, and tell about the process and about the life of the artist. Let them learn about the wild animals, parks, building customs, natural and cultural monuments. The stories can range from children’s stories to war stories and street art.

The audio guide provides a complete experience for visitors to parks, museums, village gardens, sculpture parks and other sights. Now they can experience, listen and learn at the same time.

The audio history straight to the ear

  • What is a socialized wolf?
  • Where can you meet wolves?
  • What does the wolf eat most of?
  • How far can you hear a wolf howl?

This is how the audio guide works

Convey what you want, where you want, when you want

  • The story starts automatically where the visitor is
  • The story is communicated with pictures, sound, text and maps
  • Professional narration
  • Location-specific content
  • For adults and children
  • Available around the clock, in several languages
  • Automatic playback based on geofence

Audio guide for village museum

– The stave churches make tourists stop. With an audio guide, tourists can experience more, and stay here longer, says Britt Guton Halland, who says that the audio guide nicely supplements the professional guides.

read the case

Audio guide for zoos

-The guests from many nations and of all ages say that the audio guide has made the visit a very good experience! Jens-Kristian Dybwad CEO, Polar Park

The audiovisual guide has been prepared in five languages.

Audio guide for sights

Tell us about the sculptures, parks, street art and other sights in your area.

The map shows the way to the hidden gems.

Unique outdoor museum along the Akerselva

The Technical Museum tells 90 years of industrial history along the 8 km long Akerselva. With the audio guide, the stories are easily accessible to everyone.

The whole thing

Advantages of audio guide

  • Complete experience for your visitors
  • Individual, unobtrusive, “contagion-friendly”
  • Releases the purchase of equipment
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Flexible payment solutions

This is how you get started

  • Make a list of what you want to talk about
  • Write the stories
  • Find pictures
  • We read in text and translate
  • You are ready to publish!
  • We are helpful in the process

In short, A4. Open here

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The guide routes in the Voice Of Norway app
- a collaborative project with the whole of Norway

The Voice Of Norway app is used throughout Norway. This is how it becomes a joint service for all regions: to make it easy for travelers to have good experiences in Norway – designed by yourselves.

Ta kontakt med oss for å få vite mer om hvordan du kan legge til rette for denne typen formidling i din region eller område!

Team Voice Of Norway
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