Real stories
- told in real narrator's voices

“With a narrator ‘s voice that creeps comfortably into the ear canals, the tourists get to hear stories that range from Viking graves, stave churches, city fires, natural phenomena, war stories to children’s stories”

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Guiding whenever you want

Your own conveying
of culture, history and sights
- on your location

  • Highlight sights in your own municipality
  • Local stories are made by you
  • Visitors can experience more and stay longer

Areas of use for audio guides

Audio guides suitable for adults

Present your region through storytelling, photos and maps on mobile.

You give travelers an added experience with an audio guide on the train journey, the bus, the boat, museum, in parks, sculpture parks, in search of street art, war stories, burial mounds, rock carvings, caves and other hidden gems.

The audio guide can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Digital fun and learning for children

Create quizzes, letter puzzles and digital treasure hunts for children. Here you can enter prizes and change the layout of the hunt as often as you like.

For example, a quiz route can go on a hiking trail. A museum area can have different digital experiences in the area and change according to the seasons. Children can look for digital balloons in summer, in autumn they hunt for ghosts, around Christmas they look for elves, while at Easter they try to find the Easter bunnies.

The children learn to use maps based on GPS, they get to know the local area, it’s fun, provides motivation, and not least physical activity.

Audio guide for children

In collaboration with children’s book author Jan Hogne Christiansen, Voice of Norway now organizes audio guides with educational content designed for a younger audience.

The children get to know local history through the young and timeless storyteller ” BORGNY

This is how the audio guide works
Voice Of Norway

Your visitors choose route, language, download, and then they’re ready!

Who can use Voice Of Norway?

Local stories
in the audio guide
Voice Of Norway

Easy to get started

After you have been through our training program, you can add the content to the publishing tool yourself. We ensure that your content is quality assured and, in addition, translated and recorded with professional narration, if you do not choose to do this yourself.

The benefits
- as our customers see it

On overgrown paths with Ingvar Ambjørnsen

– Rabagasten, who became the new voice of the outsiders in the 1980s, one of Norway’s greatest storytellers, indeed a rock star in Norwegian literature and not least Larvik’s honorary citizen. We are talking about Ingvar Ambjørnsen, who we are now promoting in the audio guide genre, says Kjeld-Willy Hansen.

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Protects wild reindeer in Rondane with audio guide

-The large conservation areas in Rondane ensure that the interaction with nature is not disturbed, and they are an important part of the work to prevent plants and animals from becoming extinct. At the same time, these are also areas in which we humans travel, – and the knowledge of protection is not always good enough when we travel in grazing areas for wild reindeer. With audio guides and digital trails, we can encourage behavior that does not result in harm to animals and nature.

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