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Tailor-made storytelling for school children

Jenta Borgny is all of Norway's storyteller for school children. She is both timeless and placeless. Borgny can tell you about everything from the world wars to city fires, and how she experienced them. The school children get an audiovisual journey through time and space in Norway's history-filled cities. Fits perfectly as a supplement in the school's teaching plan, and with the use of your own mobile phone.

Borgny's historical universe

In collaboration with Borgny author Jan Hogne Christiansen, Voice of Norway now organizes audio guides with good educational content designed for a younger audience, for municipalities and destination companies.

With the Voice of Norway app activated, the children can frolic in a universe they are used to navigating. Borgny’s narration, text and images are automatically activated as the children approach each attraction. Examples can be historic buildings, places associated with historical events, art, architecture and statues.

In several languages, Borgny tells about what you see around you in an easy-to-understand way, and we in the Voice of Norway and Borgny team are now working closely with the country’s schools and municipalities to establish automatic audio guides around Norway. We look forward to the next town being filled with Borgny’s own stories!

Statues often have a lot to tell, and they often symbolize something that has been important to the place’s culture and history.

Children are naturally curious - Borgny says

Who are we? Where do we come from? Who was this person? Children are naturally curious. All around the municipalities there are many testimonies of how and why our society has become the way it is. It is a confirmation of our identity. Borgny is read and listened to all over Norway on many platforms. She experiences historical events through a child’s eyes told through a child’s mouth.

The books about Borgny are used in schools and kindergartens throughout Norway. Through two books so far, the town fire in Ålesund and the Second World War, Borgny describes his experiences when they happen. This means that the children who read this get a closer relationship with the historical events. The books are written by educators and are specially designed for wonder and dialogue between adults and children.

Take the tours today

The Voice Of Norway app is free to download and available for all types of smartphones. You can download the tours in a Wi-Fi zone before you leave, so you don’t have to use mobile data.

Remember to bring earplugs or similar.

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