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Sustainability seriously – at The Fjords

- Our guests enjoy the silence, the experience and the stories along the way along our fantastically beautiful Norwegian fjords. The electric boats allow travelers to hear birds chirping and listen to the sound of gurgling water, instead of boat engines and vibrations. Guiding takes place via their own mobile and travelers choose whether they want to participate. The silence and tranquility is magical, and we have the feeling of being completely in nature, but without leaving a trace, says John Vonli, general manager at The Fjords.
The Fjords choose silent guiding

-On our trips in the beautiful Norwegian fjords, we need to tell something. We chose to offer an audio guide in Norwegian, English and German. Then our travelers can choose for themselves whether they want a guide or just sit and enjoy the surroundings and the sounds of nature.

The destinations have been chosen with care

– Yes, we have boats in the most beautiful fjords in Norway, smiles Vonli. Audio guide is now available in Norwegian, English, German and Spanish on the following fjord cruises:

  • The Oslofjord audio guide has been launched
  • Hardanger
  • The Nærøyfjord
  • The Geiranger Fjord

Fjord cruise on the Oslofjord with audio guide

Fjord cruise Oslo Fjord - an experience for everyone

– This scenic archipelago journey between Oslo and Oscarsborg is referred to as one of Europe’s most beautiful boat journeys.

Here, our travelers get to hear the stories about Bjørvika, about bathing beaches and cultural monuments on Hovedøya, about the Viking treasures on Bygdøy, the cabins on Nakkholmen and Lindøya, and the nudist beach on Huk. Perhaps they will see both the golf course and the lighthouse keeper’s residence, and hear where the guests in “Flower Power” style stayed the night. Stories about life in the sea, the torpedoing of Blücher, trolls and walls under the sea are also included. Here, you just have to watch, enjoy and listen.

-For our guests, this means that they watch large screens wherever we travel, where they can also read selected stories along the way. The guests get all the stories when they download the Voice Of Norway app and choose which language they want. On the rest of the trip, they can both see and enjoy the trip, while hearing as many stories as they want from the guide. With earplugs, they don’t disturb other travelers either.

The stories start completely automatically, when the boat is at the right place.

Inspired by
UNESCO World Heritage sites

We have the feeling of being completely in nature, but without leaving a trace.

John Vonli

John Vonley

Photo: Erlend Haddeland, Media Sør AS

Maximum experiences - minimal footprint

-Choosing an audio guide on the traveller’s mobile phone is completely in line with our environmental profile. We do not want fuss, noise and music on our trips. Here you should be able to enjoy nature and take each other into account.

The new boats are made of carbon fiber and are extremely light, have electric propulsion, store from shore and run emission-free. We want zero emissions, but there are certain regulatory reasons why it is not going as quickly as we would like.

Future of The Fjords, Nærøyfjorden

Photo/Main image: Sverre Hjørnevik


In the Geirangerfjord, we have 2 classic fjord ferries, which will be converted to zero emissions, in accordance with regulations. In this way, we get to reuse the hull, while at the same time we get to keep the good old feeling of “coffee and swill”, he smiles, and explains that the old feeling is well compatible with new progress on the ferries.

Sustainability - business grows together

-We look at everything about sustainability, not just the environmental. From a purely financial point of view, it must be possible to operate commercially, and we must be competitive. Social; we collaborate with the local community. At Flåm, for example, we work closely with the tourism industry, and those who run businesses in beer production, bakery and cheese making. We grow together and create a good environment, such as in Geiranger where the people cheer and run and open the shops when they see us coming.

Silent guiding: Voice Of Norway map with

stories in the form of text and pictures.

Photo: Experio AS

The Fjords
- cooperates with everyone

– We get good feedback and the boats tie industries together. We feel that we mean something to the income of the municipalities, employees and the locals, and we take sustainability seriously, he points out.

Read: The collaboration between Hotel Ullensvang, Alvavoll Frukt & Sidergard and The Fjords.

Experio AS impresses

– We are impressed by what we have achieved together with Experio AS, the company that has developed the Voice Of Norway app and audio guide.

-Together we have developed a new software where there is a seamless transition between silent screens, to guiding on the traveller’s mobile phone. Innovation Norway has also been involved in the project, concludes John Vonli.

Download the audio guide for the trip

The Voice Of Norway app is free to download and available for all types of smartphones. You will receive a QR code for the guide when you board the boat.

Remember to bring earplugs, for a good listening experience.

Use your own mobile as a guide

Everything you need is in the Voice of Norway app!

  • The map shows the way to the places (GPS)
  • The audio stories start automatically now that you are in the right place
  • The stories have a professional narration
  • Pictures supplement what you see
  • Available all year round and around the clock
  • Remember earplugs for a good listening experience

- mediation solution

The guide routes in the Voice Of Norway app
- a collaborative project with the whole of Norway

The Voice Of Norway app is used throughout Norway. Here’s how it becomes a joint service for everyone: to make the stories visible in their place – designed by yourselves.

Our customers

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