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Guiding for children along Akerselva – with app

-Why? It is Borgny, the narrator for children, who marvels at oddities, scary stories and other experiences along the Akerselva. The Voice Of Norway app tells the children about life at Sagene, in the children's own way.

Children learn history from an app on mobile

Borgny conveys stories from the old days. The stories are automatically told on the spot so that children and adults can discuss what they see and experience together. Children love to learn, and learning happens best when you experience something together with others. In this historic walking route, the children should be able to ask and wonder about things along the way. The stories in the audio guide make you curious about what else there is to see, explains Jan Hogne Christiansen, who is the owner of Borgny. With the mobile in hand, they can see pictures, check the map and hear the story at the right place, he says.

Akerselva is absolutely raw!

Borgny - learning in school with an app on mobile

-For schools, Borgny is also great learning. The children and teachers can read the history of the place, and then take the trip with the app on their mobile phone afterwards. We had a 4th class with us on the trip and they thought it was so much fun to be able to use the mobile phone for learning at school, says Jan Hogne and smiles. In Ålesund, for example, students can learn more about the City Fire, or go on a statue hunt, so that they get to know their city better. In addition, they learn to use maps via GPS when they are out.

The app is a unique educational tool

– As an educator, I am concerned with how children learn best, says Jan Hogne. We use professional narration voices in the app, he says and praises the warm children’s TV and radio voice of Jon Henriksen . The illustrations are made by Nina Johansen, who works with children’s literature. With the Voice Of Norway app, we now have a digital tool for learning for children, which can be easily shared and updated.

Culture for children is digitalised

– My goal is for locals to learn more about their city and create pride for the place, and for tourists to learn new things about new places in a smart way, says Jan Hogne, who has also created theatre, plays, musicals, books and magazines , even in multiple languages. – It is difficult to make money from culture for children, he says and is happy to have finally found the digital platform Voice Of Norway. It makes the work much easier and everything becomes more accessible, concludes Jan Hogne Christiansen.

For adults

Akerselva - a unique outdoor museum - now with a guide via your mobile

-If you walk along Akerselva, you will get an 8 km long adventure tour, with as many as 90 historical points, in the Voice Of Norway app, which tells about the unique industrial history up to our time. In education, you see parks, cafes and cultural facilities, says Dag Andreassen from Teknisk Museum. Read the whole case here.

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